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Saturday FSFU. It’s on.

This Saturday night, you’ll find Trigger 5 crouching to miss the ductwork overhead at Fred’s Six Feet Under (5510 Virginia Ave. in beautiful South St. Louis). The fun begins around 10 pm, plenty of time to grab a bite at the conveniently located Iron Barley Eating Establishment – it’s on the other side of FSFU’s ceiling. See you there – watch your head!


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Yes, you heard right. Jackson Cash, the world’s best Johnny Cash impersonator, is in town this Friday to promote his new movie. I think you can see where this is going. He’s promoting the movie and performing one night only at the Gramophone (Friday, November 13, 9PM). We’re rounding out the evening with our own brand of classic country. It’s a match made in Branson. Don’t miss this show. You’ll want to tell your grandchildren you were there.

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n199405764407_5963Well, hey there, strangers. You’ve probably been askin’ yourselves, “where has Trigger 5 been?” Not far, friends, not far. After a few private parties and adding a few new tunes, we’re ready for the bar scene again. Belly up for some country with us at The Ten Mile House in Affton. Don’t miss it, cuz we miss you!

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