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5531_149592808331_626158331_3494144_5813449_n5976_119270306723_690626723_2411165_3687073_n5531_149592568331_626158331_3494107_7456594_nThe CD release party was a rousing success. Thanks to all who made it to the show — we had over 200 people in the crowd. Hope you like “Heartbreak and Regret.” Please give it a listen often and share it with anyone who might like country music the way it should be played.

Another big thank you to the staff at The Atomic Cowboy.


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A Note from Alex Our Guitar Man

H&RplateWell, it’s done.

After months of work on rewrites, rehearsals, recording, mixing, mastering, duplication, design, printing, cutting, folding and stuffing, I have a box of finished copies of Heartbreak and Regret on my shelf, ready to go out to press, to radio stations, and ultimately, into the hands of country music lovers.

We’ve worked our collective butts off on this project, but we weren’t alone.  In the interest of giving credit where it’s due…

Thanks foremost to Peter Dycus of Shine Studio, who put in a lot of long nights getting these songs recorded and mixed – and putting up with us and our seven different opinions.  I think it was a pretty different experience within the walls of Shine, recording a country band – mainly live – but he adapted to our needs and requests seamlessly.  The man does fine work, and we’re all over the moon with the way it sounds.  Thanks a lot, Peter.

Charlie Smith is the man behind Trim, and the overall print image of Trigger 5.  He’s been doing posters for us for a long time – actually longer than I’ve been with the band – and they never cease to impress.  His design for the CD sleeve and insert is no different.  He captured our classic simplicity just perfectly with this design.  Good work, man.

Last but certainly not least, big thanks to my good friend Kirsten O’Loughlin of Sensura Studio.  She got us first thinking about the sleeve design (and pointed us in the direction of these fantastic Arigato Packs from Stumptown Printers), and made Charlie’s design a working reality.  She kept Mike and me in line – and our fingers thankfully unsquished, – during the letterpress process.  That’s right, these things are printed the old fashioned way, and we’ve had our grimy paws on every one of them, so bring your hand sanitizer.  We couldn’t be happier with the way they turned out.  Thanks Kirsten (and Jason)!  You’re awesome.

Folks, if you need design, branding, printing, sound recording or unique artwork done, you’d do well to look up these fine (young, handsome, charming, well-mannered, well-dressed) folks.  They’ve done right by us, and their dedication to their craft pushed them all to go above and beyond on more than one occasion.  I hold this beautiful piece of work in my hand thanks to their efforts.

Of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t personally extend my thanks to my lovely girlfriend and my unflaggingly supportive family (Trigger 5’s biggest fans?).  You guys helped me do this in more ways than you realize.  Thanks.  I love you.

And the band!  I didn’t realize when Greg brought me to that first rehearsal (thanks, Greg!) that I’d be working with such a talented group of people.  We’ve really made something to be proud of here, 5ers.  I can’t thank you enough for letting me be a part of it.  Yeah, on August 21st the world will officially get to hear the fruits of our labor.  But even if nobody heard this but us, I’d still feel like we accomplished something with this record.  Thanks, guys.


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