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Love this guy.


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thanksgiving-sunbathing-turkeyPut your ear to the wind on Saturday night and follow the sounds of sweet country music to the corner of Manchester and Clarkson. We’ll be playing at West County’s favorite haunt, Carmody’s from 8:30 until midnight. Get there early if you want a seat. Seems there’s a lot of classic country fans out that way.

Much obliged and happy Thanksgiving,
Mike, Amy, Alex, Matt, Matt, Abe & Dave

WHAT: Trigger 5
WHEN: Saturday, 11/29 from 8:30-midnight
WHERE: Carmody’s Pub and Grill, 49 Clarkson Rd.

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Pete Drake kicks Frampton’s a**

This one goes out to Mr. Matt “Boxcutter” Huges, our new steel man.

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Keep your ears open

While we’re in the process of recording, we’ve been listening to a lot of examples of great, dynamic sound. That’s what we aspire to on this record. Something you can put in your CD player or drop a needle on and not have your ears assaulted. A recording that allows you to hear every instrument clearly and yes, something you may have to turn up to enjoy it best. Here’s a video that pretty well describes the state of music today. Watch it, listen to it and try not to be horrified.

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80031-d_400Hell yes he did. The new box set of lost Hank Williams’ recordings is chock full of cool. There are 50 songs in this installment. With 93 more to come. They were recorded at a radio station in the early 1950’s and were about to be thrown in the trash until a producer saved them. Sounds better than any of the mastered recordings you’ve ever heard. Pick it up here.

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Merle is sick

Merle Haggard had lung surgery this week to remove some cancer. Pray for one of country music’s best.

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