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Downtown Country 1/26

downtowncountry.jpgWe’ll be playing in downtown St. Louis at the Feisty Bulldog on Saturday, January 26. I don’t know the last time Laclede’s Landing saw classic country on the bill, but the winds of change are a-blowin’. Between the frat boys and cobblestones, you best watch your step. We have lots of new material and the classics you love. C’mon out. We’d love to see you.

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Meet the band! Pt. 3

He’s an ace on the doghouse and has more tattoos than a side show act. Let’s all give a warm welcome to the Hebrew Hillbilly! His knowledge of classic country keeps the band on point and his slap keeps us on rhythm. Next time you see us, ask him to jump up on his bass. He reserves that for special occasions only!


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